What Are The Causes Of Government Spying

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What if someone said we were being watched? Every move, every idea, every breath being monitored without our knowledge. Whether we realize it or not, the government is watching us; listening to our phone calls, looking at text messages, looking at emails, and in some cases watching us through video, and they’re allowed to. In 2001, soon after the tragic day of 9/11, President George Bush created the Patriot Act. The Patriot Act is an acronym meaning Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism. The act according to Should the U.S. Government Spy, the government is allowed to surveillance us in hopes of improving the nation’s safety. This entailing that the government can conduct a search without the consent of the…show more content…
They believe the government spies for power and pleasure; to only invade the privacy of citizens. “Exposed NSA documents reveal that government spies are collecting emails, phone records and tapping into phone and video chats -- more than the government has ever admitted to,” as presented in the Senate Intelligence (Senate Intelligence). A new document called the Patriot II Act has began to be discussed in the works of the government. This act would allow full power over everyone’s privacy. One of the key factor of the Patriot Act II would be the government's power to demand genetic information as presented in the article written by Anita Ramasastry (Ramasastry). The government could take genetic information from anyone they suspect to be a terrorist or if they suspect anyone in general. Even protesters could be put in jail for a Class A misdemeanor, pay up to a $100,000 fine, and be put in jail for a minimum of one year. These are outrageous demands to simply protect the people those who disapprove of the government claim; however, they fail to see the point that if genetic evidence was left behind at a crime scene, the government and authorities could find the culprit faster keeping the country safe. In contrast to safety, however, if we were to discover that the government was spying on us, The Patriot II Act entails that we could not sue the government for engaging in spying on the nation's people (Ramasastry). We would be prisoners in our own country, and we would never be able to escape the cameras or the eyes watching us because they would be everywhere. The government spies to keep us trapped under a microscope like ants, never helping us but only torturing
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