What Are The Causes Of The Haitian Revolution

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In 1791, the Haitian Revolution began. This revolution was the largest slave rebellion in the western hemisphere. Since the start of forced slavery in the Caribbean, there have been many resistance against slavery, revolutions and revolts. Haiti had the most successful in the Caribbean and by the year 1804 slavery was demolished. The results of this revolution have produced a historical memorial that has influenced civil right movements all over the world up to this day. Such a revolution and its effect must have been considered a surprise and an ordinary rebellion that could have been overrun at the time it began. However, circumstances in the Haitian society such as the social hierarchy, ill treatment of slaves and the French revolution, …show more content…

After the rumours of the ill treatment of enslaves in the colonies, the French government was aiming to enforce laws to increase the working conditions that enslaves of St. Dominique were working under. Thus, white planters wanted a form of independence because they didn’t agree with the laws that the government were putting in place. They thought that their way of treating enslaves was the best to get the most amount of effort from enslaves. Although the free people of colour were members of a free and educated propertied class the system prevented them from occupying many public headquarters because of their colour. In addition, they were forced to join the French military which most was hesitant to do. Even though they were still struggling for full rights of citizenship, the concept of the equality embedded in the doctrine of The Rights of Man attracted them. Some of these free d colour even made voyages to France to speak on behalf of enslaves for its ending. Some of the poor whites hated the fact that did were not financially stable and coloured people were treated better than them. The bitterness in slaves grew because there was still abuse. In such a society no one could have lived in peace, so tension grew and a political disaster and conflict

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