What Are The Characteristics Of The Slave From The American Colonies In The 1700s

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1. Slaves from the American Colonies in the 1700’s were treated like property being bought and sold. The slaves were often mistreated and kept in horrible situations by force of their master. The terms servant and slave are often exchanged but the two are actually very different. Servants are mostly white immigrants who were paid and had there own lives. Slaves are for the most part African Americans who were not paid and lived with their masters. Mrs.Finch let her slaves learn to read and write. When she passed she believed her slaves should be set free because they no longer had a use. Isabel is one of few slaves who could read because masters believed slaves that could read led to trouble. This was believed because slaves could create escape plans.
2. The girls are not allowed to take personal items because they were taught they did not have any personal items. Isabel’s seeds represent growth, freedom, her journey home, and loyalty. The dead plants represent a part of Isabel that was lost or dead. The mayor compares rebels to vines because he was planning to kill Washington so hopefully New York would become 100 percent loyalist.
3. Isabel’s momma and Queen Ester, from the Bible, are her role models for bravery. Queen Ester was very similar to Isabel. They were both orphans who stood to men which is not allowed. There is a major connection between bravery, courage, and fear. People are always fearful to risk being brave or having courage. Isabel’s first act of

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