What Are The Competitors Of Tesco

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Competitors of Tesco PLC
The competitors of Tesco PLC are interested in the level of revenue and profit due to being able to make decisions to improve themselves as a business. For example, cheaper prices. As the competitors will need to find a way to attract customers from Tesco PLC for them to survive against the competitors. Other interests from the competitors would be to have a competitive edge and the changes in trends and technology. Also, to be the best in the industry of supermarket.
A competitor such as ASDA may have conflicts with the workers for not being paid well enough. This is a conflict because the workers could go somewhere else that’s similar for a better wage where the owners would reinvest into the wages of the workers. Another conflict may be with the competitors over who’s the best. For example, competing who has the best profit. This is a conflict because of wanting to the best and attract the most customers for profit. Also, a conflict may be with the customers by restricting choice, deals and higher prices. For example, only a small variety of clothes. This is a conflict because the customers will go somewhere else for buying products such as clothes for cheaper and more choice so then more customers will be attracted. Therefore, there would be more profit.
Competitors of RSPCA
The competitors of the RSPCA are interested in having a competitive edge and to be better than the RSPCA. An example of this is Dogs Trust. Other interests are the level of

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