What Are The Equalities And Inequalities In The Movie

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In this film, there were two different groups of people who were against each other, they were not friends, they were enemies. The film shows us that it is not all make believe that some places are scared of other places just because the other place has better weapons, more power or even more people. The Russians were the communist, and the Americans were afraid that Russian was going to be dropping bombs on them. The Americans went ahead and made a plan on how they were going to drop the bombs on Russia. They made plans on what to do and how to do it because they were terrified that Russia was going to drop bombs on them. There were equalities and inequalities in this movie. The Russians were the inequalities in the film because they did not have any advantages. The Americans were the equalities because they had more gear and were more aware of what was going on, they were prepared a lot better then Russia, also. The Americans thought that they were being attacked so they started to go and attack Russia, Russia had no clue what was going on, they got frightened because they were afraid of the American weapons. MAD means mutually assured destruction which is having …show more content…

I feel that a lot of people just use bombs because it is something easy to get ahold of and it damages a lot of things in a short period of time. Everyone could easily stop using bombs and other weapons to blow up everything. People could battle out their arguments more often like they used to have to do before bombs and other weapons were invented. We would not even have to battle out arguments if everyone would try to get along and not argue about everything. If people got along and did not fight about everything then we would not have a bunch of fighting going on. If we did not have a bunch of fighting going on then we would not have a bunch of people going off and using bombs to fix all of their

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