What Are The Ethical Practices Of Nike

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Today the world is in become a global village and almost all companies whether big or small want to go international. As such, a question arises as to what are the ethics one must follow to ensure the security of its shareholders as well as its employees and any other individual or a group of people like the company’s creditors who have their interest in the company. Though there are no actual rules per say which govern the ethics of the firm, it should be the companies prime interest to ensure the security of the former mentioned personnel’s, as that is the very definition of ethics-to do the right thing.
Today most of the multinational companies want to grab their share in the global market and as such leave no stone unturned. The main
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The major products produced by Nike are sport equipment,athletic footwear and other recreational and athletic products. It has worldwide marketing of its products and had and still has many famous celebrates like Christiano Ronaldo,Kobe Bryant,Kevin Durant,Maria Sharapova etc across the world and across various ethnicity endorsing the brand across the world hence creating a global audience.
In this report I will be throwing light on all or most of the unethical practices followed by Nike in the past. Nike has manufacturing units all across the globe with major stake in the Asian countries and it has more than seventy thousand employees across the global. Just like any other company the unethical practices of Nike did not take a long time to grab its share of limelight in the global economy for all the wrong
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Nike has always been reluctant or has hesitated to disclose the information about the contract of the companies it works with, thus making it an unethical practice. As a public company it is a must that the company’s information should be transparent to the shareholders and the public at large. It was not until the company received harsh critism from organisations such as CorpWatch,that Nike decided to disclose the required information about these alleged contracts in its corporate governance

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