What Are The Similarities Between Christianity And Buddhism

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Can a person be a Christian and follow Buddhist traditions? In comparison to ancient times, today it is not unusual for a person to identify as both a Christian and a Buddhist. Though Christians and Buddhists have been interacting since ancient times, it is now that the topic of dual belonging has become more common. How can a person be both a Christian and Buddhist when both are significantly different from the other in practice and in belief? Dual belonging is becoming a common practice in the Western world. This paper will compare Christianity and Buddhism and explain the concept and practice of dual belonging.
If a Christian follows Buddhist traditions, then one must assume that there is an overlapping of similarities in both teachings; a Christian’s worldview must be complementary to that of a Buddhist’s. Though I am arguing the similarities between Christianity and Buddhism, I do not completely shut down the obvious differences between the two traditions. Christians are devoted the Jesus Christ’s teachings, while Buddhists believe in the Buddha’s teachings. Jesus is God in human form while Buddha was a human being who reached supreme insight under the Bodhi tree. Roderick Ninian Smart, a Scottish writer and university educator of religious studies, argues in his book, Buddhism and Christianity: Rivals and Allies, “Jesus saved humanity through his deeds and death, while the heart of liberation for Buddhists is through the Eightfold Path” He then continues to defend

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