What Are The Similarities Between Edgar Allan Poe And Washington Irving

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Antebellum Authors: Edgar Allan Poe and Washington Irving

Although the progression was slow, the Antebellum era ushered in literary talent upon the American scene. In the Nineteenth century the United States culture was generally from Europe or closely based on the European themes. Although many American books continued to be reprints of foreign books, a few American writers started to create works with more American based genres. One of the most important genres and unique influences to the American literary scene was that of the short story. To this day, short stories continue to be developed by American writers. Although the expansion of American literature was slow during the beginnings of this age, two prominent figures use the short story genre to help kick start an explosion of American literary talent. Edgar Allan Poe and Washington Irving were integral in distinguishing the Antebellum era’s literary style.
To many, Edgar Allan Poe was considered to be one of the top authors of his time. Born In Massachusetts on January 19, 1809, he was the second born by his parents David and Elizabeth Arnold Poe, who were both theatrical performers. Poe was raised by John Allen after his father deserted the family and his mother died from illness. His foster father was a tobacco merchant who provided Poe many advantages as a child. Although Poe attended the University of Virginia, he left after only one semester and joined the army. After failing in the army, Poe began

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