Antebellum Period And American History

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Antebellum Period, Art
The Antebellum period is generally spoken of as the years arranging from the acquisition of the Constitution, all the way to the American Civil War. This is a period in American history that is remarkable for its incredible magnitude of changes in the country’s history; industrial revolution, westward expansion, women’s history, and transportation revolution to name a few. Leaving aside all the rebellions, treaty’s, and massacres. The pages to follow will mainly focus on the Antebellum Fine Arts.
The amazing world of literature, marvelous drawings, and beautiful music. All part of this era that marked history forever. Since the very beginning of the Antebellum, American literature was being touched by the early forms of structure in books and authors. Before the Antebellum period, literature was not original; it was either imported from Europe or inspired by other writings. But America started to create a new type of literature, this type of writings was basically just biographies, autobiographies and history books of the American Revolution heroes. But it was also normal to see authors writing fictional stories such as Moby Dick, The Last of the Mohicans, and Sleepy Hollow. The American literature started slow in the middle of the ninetieth century. Books were being written and changed as the wars and revolutions started to spread inside the country’s plains. Many of these inscriptions were either lost or burned in the wars that were taking place, but

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