What Are The Similarities Between Gristenstein And Frankenstein

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The 19th and 20th century played a major role in the evolution and development of new genres and fictional novels. Earlier novels did not explore the genres of fiction, especially since they were not considered as serious works of literature by the public. The overall habit of reading such novels for entertainment and excitement was not common. Then came novels like Mary Shelley's The Modern Prometheus, a novel of gothic horror and science fiction. Followed by The Dracula by Bram Stoker, also gothic horror and mythological literature. These two novels revolutionized the genres, and today are appreciated as timeless reads and adapted in a series of movies. When comparing such unique works of literature, we must explore the style of the authors…show more content…
Firstly, the main protagonists in the books, although may have experienced similar emotions and dilemmas, have completely different motives and roles. For instance, Victor Frankenstein, a Swiss scientist, may have fallen as something of a victim in the book but he receives no pity and is perceived as the person to blame by most readers due to being depicted as selfish and having created the creature whilst facilitating the horrors it unleashes with his neglectful behavior (also seen in the fact the creature was never named, and referred to as ‘The Creature’ or ‘The Monster’). However, as almost an antithesis to Victor’s case, The Dracula's Jonathon Harker was only doing his job when he came across Van Helsing (Dracula), he had no intention or culpability in the agony his family and friends faced at Dracula's hands. Although it is noteworthy that both characters do ultimately face their deaths at the end of their respective books. Even so, the secondary characters, the wives of the protagonists, had different roles. Elizabeth (Victors wife to be in TMP) is completely kept unaware by her husband, and plays no major role in the story, she is a hopeless romantic and is eventually killed by the monster. However, Mina from The Dracula is portrayed as a hero and is the first one to believe her husband regarding the existence of a vampire. This could also be relayed to the difference in norms within society during the era of each book; namely, people could have been more conservative toward a woman’s role when The Modern Prometheus was published (1818), as compared to 1897 when The Dracula was published. Finally, it is worth reiterating that, while the structure of characters in the books are relatively the same, the complicity of the victims in their own demise in the two stories is
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