What Are The Similarities Between Jamestown And Plymouth

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Jamestown & Plymouth Plantation Jamestown and Plymouth were both pretty big colonies and they were both quite successful. But they were different in many ways, but similar in some ways. I found it really interesting how each colony was different like they both wanted something similar which was to make money and also to start a new life because in reality, many people called them the rejects of Europe which essentially is what happened and they did come here for a fresh start. But either way these two colonies had their good and bad times, but which colony would you choose to be a part of? I should probably talk about them before a decision is made. In the colony of Jamestown there was so many things going on for instance, many people wanted to make money right away like they just wanted to find a ways to make money. They didn't care if you made money they just cared about themselves. The Jamestown was a hardworking colony, but only because they wanted to make some money, but that's not how it should work, they would've been even more successful if they all would work and make companies and make trades with Britain or keep the stock of their products and then they start to sell it and use the money that they get to upgrade on their products to increase production. The leader of the Jamestown colony was a man named John Smith or …show more content…

When Smith was captured, he was held prisoner and the leader of the tribe was going to execute John Smith that was until Pocahontas shows up and stops them from killing smith and he was shown the ways of the tribe. But long story short, Smith returns to Jamestown he began to make more money because he learned better ways to find food and to make some products so he became rich and he basically didn't care about anyone that he left Jamestown and went back to Europe and never returned

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