What Are The Similarities Between Michelangelo And Donatello's David

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I have chosen to compare and contrast the two David's, sculpted by two different individuals, Michelangelo and Donatello. Although both sculptures look extremely different they both carry various correlations to each other. Both artist were very famous during the renaissances time period and both should be deeply appreciated for their artwork. This paper shall compare the two David's from each artist, explaining the key differences and stunning similarities. Michelangelo crafted his, David, during the time period of 1501 - 1505, which is now located in the Galleria dell'Accademia, Florence. While Donatello's, David, was made approximately during the time of 1446 - 1460(?), and is now located at the Mueso Nazionale del Bargello, Florence. …show more content…

Both David's present a very warrior like construct and seems like they are ready for war. Although, Donatello's David looks as though he has already finished his fight. Donatello's David stands and can look a bit more feminine especially the way his hand is bent onto his hips and the way he wears his hat on top of his longer hair. Also Donatello portrays his figure to look very much younger than to what Michelangelo's David looks like. Nonetheless since Donatello's David seems too look like it took place after a fight, the figure is shown to have one foot proudly on top of his opponents head, Goliath, which in Donatello's David, he strikes Goliath with a sword while Michelangelo's used a sling and stone to his head. Unlike Donatello's David, Michelangelo's looks as if he has not attacked yet, but looks more as if he strategizing how he will do so. Michelangelo's sculpture portrays a more masculine figure and shorter hair and without a sword, as he holds a rock in one hand and a sling in another. Both David's carry similar stories of how they had slain the giant Goliath, although how they had done it and the way they portray such task are extremely

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