What Aspects Of John Winthrop 's Life Were Seen As Medieval Man?

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Chapter 1:
What aspects of John Winthrop’s life were seen as “medieval man”? John Winthrop was seen as a “medieval man” for many reasons. By definition, being a “medieval man” is to live an old-fashioned life. He enjoys living a simple life and lives untouched by the modern ways of life. Winthrop’s simple life is exemplified when Morgan states that “[John Winthrop] liked all the things that God had given him, and he knew it was right to like them, because they were God-given.” (Morgan 6)

2. What effect did Puritanism have on Winthrop’s view of the world and his role in it? Adapting a Puritan lifestyle drastically affected Winthrop’s perspective on the world and his role in it. He knew that he could not completely disconnect himself from it “as monks and hermits do” (Morgan 6) so he had to adapt to the struggle of finding a balance of his role of worshiping God and “lending his hand to shape [the world]” (Morgan 14).

Chapter 2:
How did the Court of Wards support the Puritan view of the corruption inherent in English society? Although John Winthrop was part of the Court of wards, he knew that it was all a huge scam. Winthrop was part of the Court of Wards and benefited greatly from the amount of money he earned. Because John was able to balance working as part of the Court of Wards and worshiping God so successfully, the Puritans supported their view on the English Society.

How was Charles I’s dissolution of Parliament viewed by the Puritan’s? What were the

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