`` What Athleticism Is This, That Those Her Golden Tresses By Edmund Spenser

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The poem, what guile is this, that those her golden tresses by Edmund Spenser is a fascinating poem describing the dynamics of desire that surround men and women. There are distinct differences between men and women, especially in how they attract one another and how they make decisions. Through this poem I felt that Spenser is expressing the beauty that women may harness to attract a man to be her mate. Spenser compares women to hunters when he describes the tactic used by women to attract men. Spenser formerly goes on to describe the feelings that come with being in a relationship. Through this poem, Spenser uses symbols to give a sarcastic spin to warn people not to make judgments based on first appearance and furthermore to warn men that they may attain the wrong first impression of and woman and to be careful not to fall for a woman’s beauty, since it is certain that a man will lose his freedom. Spenser portrays the idea that beauty remains a man’s greatest weakness and women practice beauty to attract men to do what they desire. In the poem, Spenser describes a woman’s attire as, “gold” and says that women trap men into a, “golden snare” (Gardner 462). At this point in the poem Spenser is using the literary element of metaphor to describe women. By drawing a comparison to a woman’s attire as gold, Spenser is illustrating that women have an alluring surface from the perspective of men. Gold is known to allure people and that is what has made it such a historically

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