What Caused The American Civil War

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What caused the American Civil War from 1861 to 1865? There has been several different debates and disputes about the causes of the American Civil War. Historians have stated slavery was the primary cause of the American Civil War, while other historians have argued there were other causes and effects in conjunction with slavery. Research has shown all historians did agree upon the division between the North, known as the Union, and the South, known as the Confederacy, battled on the soil of the United States of America (Stampp, 1965). This battle between these two states is what created the war known as the “American Civil War.”
The American Civil War erupted on April 12, 1861. The war began as a result of many years of
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The North was against slavery as a foundation in the South, whereas the Confederate States were the only region in the world who legalized slave ownership. As a result, the southerners became angered as it had threatened their way of life. The United States Presidential election of Abraham Lincoln posed a threat to slavery in the South.
Furthermore, the economic differences between the North and South were developed and became another issue. The South were agricultural states and rely upon on cultivation rather than industrialization (Egnal, 2009). Nevertheless, following the discovery of the cotton flower, cotton expanded the need for slave ownerships and this is how cotton became the main crop of the South. The South has been able to produce about 90% of the world 's supply of cotton. The increase of cotton was the cause for the South 's reliance on the plantation system as well as the need for slavery.
In contrast, the North was flourishing commercially and was afraid that the slave-based economy in the South might have an overall effect on their economy. The North was highly dependent on factories and other machine-based businesses. As a result, majority of new immigrants resided in the northern states, while very few settled down south. The North primary focus was on the industrial growth, which ended up making the South more bitter towards
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