What Caused The Civil War? Slavery? Politics?Social Conflicts?Maybe

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What caused the Civil War? Slavery? Politics? Social Conflicts? Maybe it was little bit of everything. In 1861-1865 America 's bloodiest conflict happened. It was called the Civil War. The Civil War was between the North and the South about slavery. The North was antislavery, but the South was all for slavery. The North wanted to free the slaves to help fight the war, but the South was not fond of that. Some would believe that they would talk it out; however, they both decided to have a four-year war about it. Although many feel that slaves were only used to help the North in the Civil War, in reality, they determined how it came about. In Uncle Tom 's Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe, it was a fictional tale…show more content…
The South totally hated slavery right? Everyone knows that the South was all for slavery. "The South, with its plantation economy, had to rely on an enslaved labor force." They needed slaves to cook, clean, and do other things that slave owners did not want to do and they did not have to pay for them. The South did not want to loose their property. Southerners just looked at slaves like they were property and not a human being. The South was obviously upset when the North became antislavery and the Civil War happened. The South liked The Fugitive Slave Act because they got their slaves back. Most of the runaway slaves that were up North tried to escape to Canada. Most of them made, but the rest did not. We all know that the slave owners were happy to have their property back; however, the Fugitive Slave Act did not last long. The South tried everything to make sure slaves were not free. Every time the North did something to help slaves the South did something right back. Majority of the people knew a war was going to start. The South wanted to protect themselves from the Northern aggression because they wanted slaves. The Dred Scott v. SANDFORD and the Lincoln-Douglas Debates are some conflicts that lead up to this succession. The South did not like that Lincoln was elected to President. They knew he wanted to free the slaves and were not happy. The South wanted to leave the Union because of President Lincoln, but would the
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