What Colony Did Sir Walter Raleigh Found The Roanoke Colony

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What colony did Sir Walter Raleigh found? Raleigh found the Roanoke colony. (pg 110) Why was John White delayed from returning to the colony? “His country [England] was at war with Spain.” (McGraw Hill, 111) What did he find when he returned? “When he returned to Roanoke, White found his colony deserted. [...]” (McGraw Hill, 111) What was the Virginia Company and what was their “plan”? “The Virginia company was a joint-stock company [...] The plan was for the company’s settlers to find gold and establish trade in fish and furs. [...]” (McGraw Hill, 112) What year was Jamestown founded? Jamestown was founded in 1607. Who was John Smith and what did he do? John Smith was a 27 year old captain who forced the settlers to work which made the colony survive its first 2 years. “He also built ties with- and got food from- the local Powhatan people and their chief [...]” (McGraw Hill, 112) What was “the starving time”? “The starving time” was the winter of 1609-1610 when the Powhatan stopped providing food for the struggling colony. What valuable crop finally started to make money in Jamestown? Tobacco was a valuable crop from the seeds of the West Indies that finally started to make money in Jamestown. What was the House of Burgesses and why is it significant? “The House of Burgesses was the first legislature in North America elected by the people.” (McGraw Hill, 113) It is significant because “[the Virginia Company [...] gave colonists the right to take part in their own

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