What Did The Wwi Made The World War I?

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As the outbreak of WWI (World War I), the world was under a huge changing period regarding technologies, ideologies and civilizations. Impacts were inevitable from war, thousands of sacrifices, ruined families, and even the fall of countries. However, it is undisputed that the WWI changed the women 's historical process, particularly in European countries. Women 's employment scale was largely over prewar level; their status and position in wartime and postwar evoked a dispute. On one hand, the WWI brought the women unprecedented massive scale of employment that used to be unthinkable for them in the wartime; however, on the contrary, the war led to a rare proper sense of citizenship for women. This essay aims to take an analysis on how and what did the WWI made the impact on women in the former European countries. Firstly, it will focus on employments situations for women in wartime, how they react to these changes and the negative dissatisfactory after they urged more rights. Secondly, it will take some cases of European countries as examples to illustrate that though there were an increasing number of feminist movements and women began to fight for their political rights the frustrations and definition from the society’s conservative prevented women into the public sphere.

The WWI indeed to some extent had brought women with rights of freer options of occupations. The cost of the war is high; the outbreak of WWI had led to a high level of consumption of material…
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