What Do I Want In My Life After High School

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Thoughts and questions raced through my head. What do I want to do with my life now? Do I want to go to college? Do I want to work? Will I get married? Where will I live? How will I pay for things? What do I want to be? Maybe a Doctor, a Veterinarian, or a Marine Biologist. Maybe I’ll join the military, they will pay for school, oh’ but I can’t leave my daughter. As children, we all hear that question “what do you want to be when you grow up?” now it was time for me to decide.
There I stood at seventeen, fresh out of high school, with a one- year- old daughter and no clue what came next. I only knew one thing for sure; I couldn’t do it on my own working part time at the local market. As I pondered what came next, my parents had plenty of suggestions, one of which was to take the nurse aid course at the local nursing home. Subsequently, this is what my mom did and loves working as a certified nurse aid. With not a lot of options, I thought “what the heck it’s worth a try” and signed up for the next class. Two weeks after graduating high school, there I was, back in a classroom of a different sort. This class would teach me how to care for people, tend their needs, and take vital signs. What were vital signs I thought and how do you measure blood pressure? All things I would soon learn.
I arrive at eight-o -clock in the morning, ready to start my next adventure in life. As we gathered in the common area, we began introductions and getting to know each other. To my

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