What Do Successful Policies Teach Us About Our Politics And Ourselves?

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What do Successful Policies teach us about our Politics and Ourselves?
Every American seems to have their own belief and idea of how to help our country continue to grow and be successful. Whether or not each individual idea is helpful or beneficial to the country is another story but, policy is the way for our country to continue to develop. Throughout American history politicians have used their ideas for new policies to help their campaign and in turn elect them into office. They can not always deliver their promises for change in part due to the separation of powers in the United States which creates multiple veto points for policy. As a country we do not remember policies that have little buzz or attention but rather the ones that were passed after a buildup of continued conversation or debate. These conversations can be sparked by a particular event or problem. As Marc Landry said “Greatness is rare and hostage to fortune. Crisis creates its opportunity.” Policies can be implemented to help solve these problems. As a society we would not complain about a problem that we did not care about and to take the next step we would not display effort for change unless we truly believed it would help. Successful policies teach us what those in power honestly care about and what we truly care about.
Why Policy? For a policy to be on the agenda usually one or more of four particular items need to be in play. Crisis, interests group, realigning elections and

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