What Do You Know About Poetry And Its Conventions?

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Introduction and Objective

Words, words, words! So many words!

Actually, poems don’t usually use many. At least when compared to novels. Did you know that the average length of a novel is approximately 80,000 words? Meanwhile, some poems have all of three lines. A haiku is exactly seventeen syllables – which means that it’s never over seventeen words!

Seventeen versus 80,000+. The point is that poems pack a ton of meaning into a very small space.

So few words. So much meaning! How can anyone figure out what those poets are trying to say? How can seventeen (or seventy or seven hundred) words every really convey anything?

Today 's lesson objective is:

• Students will demonstrate command of the conventions of standard English when speaking based on grade 6 level and content.

Take a moment to consider this lesson’s objective. What do you already know about poetry and its conventions? Are you familiar with fiction and historical texts for meaning? How can you use that knowledge in this lesson? Think about songs that you listen to on the radio – how do you decipher their meaning? How will that ability help you today?

Open your digital notebook and jot down a few learning skills you might use to achieve these objectives. [DOK 1: Types of Poems]

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