What Does A College Education Mean To Me Essay

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I live in an impoverished town, with a 40% increase this year in opioid deaths, where the education system pumps under-educated teens onto the streets they came from, with no chance of a job. Many parents and adults do not care, know, or understand the value of a college education.
This is my reality. Just as it does not define who I am or what I want to be, neither do my SAT scores.
We neither have nor can afford private SAT or ACT tutors. No one tells us to start preparing for college, even as seniors. My SAT training was me, myself, and I studying between jobs and after homework, whenever and wherever I could find a quiet place. Consequently, I have SAT scores that do not reflect all I know. There is no word for how frustrating this is, least of all unfair. …show more content…

I was out of place, a quiet girl whose clothing was obviously not fashionable, lucky if she had a bag lunch, and no reason to be confident. I was picked on relentlessly by others who recognized an easy target. My chaotic home life was never conducive to good grades, or school for that matter. No one I knew was a role model and no one volunteered to step up to be one. With no social life and a toxic home life, my grades plummeted before they had a chance to climb.
As the freshman year concluded, I saw the writing on the wall. I started making the seismic shift that put me on my path to success to become a top college graduate. Summer residents helped me gain confidence in who I was and take control of my life. While others still bully me every day it no longer phases me, they became mere hot air whistlers in the wind of the halls.
I found places to go, things to do, and made an effort to speak with people who would value knowing me; it turned out there were a lot of them.
I realized I am strong and resilient, and nothing is going to stop me from obtaining my goal of living a successful, interesting, effective life of my own

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