What Does It Mean To Be Created In The Image Of God? This

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What does it mean to be created in the image of God? This question has haunted humanity for thousands of years. If we were created in His image then how exactly did we fall. The first section of the text speaks to this very question by conducting an analysis of the creation account in the book of Genesis. The text begins by noting that the creation of man was intentional and specific. Man was not an afterthought or accident. In face scripture states that man was “very good.” Scripture also notes that the creation of man was not an evolutionary event, given that this theory would deny the formation of man from the dust and the breath of life that was given by God specifically for man. The text gives five explanations of the term, …show more content…

Traducianism explains that the soul generates within the body as a natural process. Chapter 32 discusses the material and immaterial facets of man’s being. This is referred to by Ryrie as the bipartite unity of man, which refers to his material or bodily existence as well as his immaterial or spiritual existence. However, the trichotomy approach suggests that the body is not only material and immaterial but the immaterial is further split into the soul and the spirit. The theory of trichotomy often sights Hebrews 4:12, Thessalonians 5:23, and Corinthians 15:44 to support the existence of the both the soul and the spirit. The next section discusses the many facets of the human existence by discussing the soul, spirit, heart, conscience, mind flesh, and will. Chapter 33 discusses the fall of man, which is viewed in three ways. It is either viewed as complete myth, complete historical fact, or a non-historical story with a truthful takeaway. Yet, the account of the fall of man is historically accepted by the apostle Paul, among many others, throughout scripture. However, the nature of the fall as it pertains to Adam is the focus of the chapter. Adam did fall but it is important to note his condition before the fall. Adam was endowed with great power and blessing from God. He was given a moral nature of holiness allowing him to communicate and walk with God. Lastly, Adam was given the

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