What Does Perseverance Mean To Me

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“Who Am I” Questionnaire/Outline * Describe where you are from. I am from Colorado a beautiful place year around, I was born and raised in littleton Co. I attended school in littleton Co from kindergarten all the way to 12th grade. In the summer time here it gets super hot all the way up to 110 degrees F. And the winter is a whole new Bi polar kind of weather, it can be snowing for days and even weeks, Or it can snow 7 inches one day, and the next day the snow will be melted and it’ll be 70 degrees. In the summer I spend most of my time outdoors hiking in the mountains or fishing. * Describe yourself. I would describe myself as someone who suffers from mental anxiety and extremely negative thoughts. But I don’t let that bring me down I believe in…show more content…
The theme of my story is Perseverance. The genre is documentary bio. The mood is overcoming obstacles sense of achievement. * What is your intended opening image? My intended opening image is going to be me doing all the things I love to do and how there all so important to me. Talk about how my creativity effects the things I do in life to inspire me to create the projects I do. Its going to be me traveling and playing video games and drawing, skateboarding. * What is the event (call to action) that sets the story in motion? The event call to action in my story is going to be showing a day when I’m at work and I’m talking with a client and they are telling me about how there son graduated and what he has done with his life. And Ill continue to talk about how I finally made the decision to go to Full Sail. * How does your character respond and commit? My character responds in confusion to the reviews of Full Sail but lets his inner creativity and thrill and lust for adventure take over and decided to go on this journey and make the best he can out of it. My character commits by realizing he can do something for a career that he
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