What Does Proctor Mean To Me Essay

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Proctor as a verb means to supervise or monitor and as a noun means a person appointed to keep watch over students at examinations (ThefreeDictionary, n.d.)
As the definition shows, proctoring in academic means supervising students during the exam by authorized person or people in order to prevent cheating or any inappropriate behavior that might violate the integrity and the rules of the exam.
According to the university of people ‘s catalog, one of the main condition for graduation and awarding a diploma to a student is passing all the required proctored exams which are five courses for associate’s degree and 11 courses for bachelor’s degree (page 44). I am B.S. student in computer science and I looked at the proctored exams that are required
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Since, this is my first semester, I haven’t done the procedure yet. But based on the university catalog I have to log in to the Student Portal during the course registration, and if a course is required a proctor, I have to click on the proctor link and fill up the proctor information form which includes proctor’s (page 45):
- first and last name,
- email address,
- telephone number
- occupation
- and place of residence.
Also, I noticed that there is a Manage Proctors link in the Student Portal which allow us to edit the information of the proctors.
I decided to take the College Algebra for the next semester and this is one of the proctored courses for computer science. I am planning to talk to one of the volunteers in the library. His name is Jonathon and he is retired teacher. Another person that I have in mind is Anne, she is librarian and teaches writing English in the
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