What Does Solitary Confinement Do The Human Brain?

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1 What does solitary confinement do the human brain? By Ronaldo Clerveaux English 4 Mr. Wilson Period 4 03/14/16 Solitary confinement is basically when someone is isolated from others and is usually contained in a cell for hours, days, months, and even years. They call the solitary confinement a “shoe” because it stands for Special Housing Unit (SHU), but it is pronounced like “shoe”. Its main focus is to keep people detained if they were to get in a fight, talking back towards a guard and even carrying around a pack of cigarettes. This would be similar to a “time out”. Which leads to a somewhat huge controversial debate of whether or not prisoners should be sent into solitary confinement. There are some effects …show more content…

The feeling of loneliness has drastic effects, which can cause people to lose track of time and hunger gauges will actually rapidly increase. Which causes people to completely lose that sense of time since they are relying on their hunger and sleep gauge to find out time it is. So just being in a cell without an actual time gives people misery, disgust, anger, and boredom. Once the person who has been solitary confinement has left that room. They will be more inclined to become violent and possibly suicidal thoughts due to the low self-esteem. According to the statistics, “In Florida, inmates who spent time in solitary confinement were 18 percent more likely to commit a subsequent violent crime. In Texas, recidivism rates went up by over 12 percent for offenders directly released from solitary.” (Glod 6-7). Which means that tax payers are basically influencing a change in that person’s mind and would most likely take it out onto the public because his or hers mind has been corrupted due to solitary confinement. “The effects that solitary confinement could do is similar to isolation. Isolation could lead to nervousness, anxiety, nightmares, dizziness, obsessive introspection, sweaty hands, heightened anger, violent thoughts, heart palpitations, and insomnia. Solitary confident costs about $70,641 dollars. For general population of a prison is $58,324.” (Ritu 1). The only ‘’human contact’’ that the

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