What Does The Fracking Process?

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Unconventional in terms of oil and gas simply means low permeability rock where the pores are poorly linked thereby making it difficult for oil and gas to move through the rock. The development of unconventional reservoirs provides new challenges that might be overcome with new techniques and approaches This has radically changed perceptions of gas supply availability in the US and elsewhere by originating a revolution in the global gas markets. The revolution was made possible through advanced technological extraction of using a mixture of water sand and chemicals to fracture rock layers. These techniques have been known since the 1950’s but were only became fruitful in the 1990’s by producing shale gas in commercial quantity. Shale gas has been referred to as the future of gas supply with greater potential. However, it has been stated the fracking process can pollute ground water leading to environmental degradation. Thus the revolution has shown and given room for new innovations in the industry and created competitive, fair and equal chance of succeeding for other Countries that intend to adopt the pattern. It has been argued that Conventional oil production has reached its peak and is now on a terminal, global decline however, it must be noted that oil is not finishing anytime soon but certain forms of it are being experimented in terms of chemicals, geography, geological and economically. Others allege the era of oil is coming to an end. But certainly not

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