What Does The Pink Ribbon Symbolize In Young Goodman Brown

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Have you ever been in a Dilemma in which tested your faith? You knew not to do it, but your temptations would not allow you to move on without doing so. Young Goodman Brown is a short epic story about a young innocent man who, lives in Salem Village with his lover Faith. He leaves his lover “Faith” to go on a day-journey. He promises to return back in one day, but he comes across a path in which his faith is tested. Hawthorne uses pink ribbons, faith and the forest to symbolize purity, faith in god, and evilness.

Pink ribbon is a word that was repeated throughout the story a lot; The pink ribbons symbolize purity. Pink represents the innocence of a child in Faith. Hawthorne opens the short story in the first paragraph exclaiming that the “…the wind play with the pink ribbons…” (Hawthorne). Pink is pure, yet it shows innocence of the pink ribbon as it plays in the wind. The ribbons also test his faith and purity. He loses his faith and thinks faith lose her innocence when he sees her pink ribbons fluttering in the sky. When he seen those ribbons, he gave in to the devil. He completely lost his faith. The ribbons “seem to be symbolic of first illusions about the true significance of his faith, his belief that his faith will
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He uses, the forest to symbolize the devils home. Faith was his wife’s name but it also symbolized is faith in god. The Pink Ribbons Faith wore symbolized purity. His wife Faith wore these ribbons. Faith’s name was a direct symbol of Young Goodman Brown belief. When Brown goes into the forest-symbol of evilness, his faith is tested, and he loses all of it when he seen the innocent pink ribbon fluttering in the wind. The staff was mentioned in the story. The staff is a snake. In the bible snakes are symbolized as evil. Browns temptations that cause him to disobey god was because of his temptations. If we didn’t have temptations where would we be today? Would Adam and Eve still have eaten the
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