What Is The Right To Vote Essay

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The right to vote me personally as a woman means a lot. For many years we can see even now women are still look down at. But my woman rebelling and standing up for their right change a lot of things. It made many women of the next-generation be more independent. This meant we had a little bit more respect by men. As a woman from the 21st century is still very hard to find in job where I can be equally paid as a man. We have a long way to go to have equal rights for everyone. When I was little I was always told by boys that I couldn't do anything. Just because I was a girl and I always wondered where did they get this idea from. When I would beat a boy and anything all his friends would laugh at him. They would say "oh you got beat by a girl",…show more content…
To see where they went wrong. To comprehend that everyone needs equal rights your age sex race and sexual orientation shouldn't prohibit our birth right. Who are we to tell someone they can't vote, speak, go to school etc. as a society we should support one another. Not say one is better than the other because we are teaching kids how to be racist and mean to one another. Women weren't considered citizens of their own country. Those who must obey the law, must have a voice in them. Women are vital to society and aren't second-class citizens. Is a shame that societies want to shun the voting rights of women. Women must have the right to vote to ensure a viable societal structure where everyone has the right to life, liberty and happiness. Many men will argue women can’t vote because we are too emotional and not smart. These are men who live in twenty fifteen, what are they teaching the upcoming society? Instead of going forward with society it looks like we are going back. Why does society always try to put a certain group, in every aspect. Is either your race, gender or religion why can’t we accept that everyone is different. Guess what that is okay. Why do we have to go beyond ourselves to prove that we are”normal” and should deserve every
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