What Does The Stop And Search? Essay

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In recent years, there has been an increasing interest in the stop and search process. Previous studies have primarily concentrated on whether the stop and search power is used against an ethnic minority background. In this paper, I will be looking at other studies and resources and their views on the stop and search. I will be reviewing what other reliable sources have established based on statistics, facts and opinions and what they believe to be the contemporary modern day issues and benefits of the 'stop and search ' process. There has distinctly been an express of concern towards the police conduct of the stop and search strategy which gives distinctive social components the chance to scrutinise law enforcement. Likewise, I will be exploring the impartiality of various races as it is accepted to assume a basic part to why police complete strategies in the way they do. Criminological hypotheses have additionally profited law authorization in making judgments of what could conceivably be classed as a "criminal conduct ' '. In this way, the distinctive extreme methodologies they take to keep crime from occurring and expanding through collective data based on stop and search.


Argument against Stop and Search
The Division of Justice statistics in 2011 displays a staggering 12.8% of black motorists are pulled over than whites as 9.8% of whites are stopped and searched whilst driving. Sergeant Sean Whit-comb, public affairs director for

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