Was Germany To Blame For Ww1 Research Paper

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2. To what extent was Germany to blame for starting WWI? After a massive war, it easy to see why a lot people would point fingers at the country that lost the war. However, is this always correct; or do people jump to conclusions much too quickly? By doing this, do they also create a whole new kind of trouble for themselves to come in later years? Some may suggest that it is more productive to look at the events leading up to the war to determine who was at fault. The blame attached to World War One (WWI) is not exclusively German, but may lie with the concepts of militarism, imperialism, nationalism, and alliances. Militarism played an immense part in the start of WWI and without it, there was a chance WWI would have never have …show more content…

When Napoleon was sentenced to exile in Elba, The Congress of Vienna was held. The Congress of Vienna was supposed to sort out all of Europe’s problems in a nonviolent way. Countries from all over Europe sent their delegates to represent them. The big countries were Britain, France, Austria, Prussia, and Russia. Their delegates decided on a new Europe, a Europe that left both Italy and Germany divided into states. In 1861 Italy was unified, as well as Germany in 1871 due to strong nationalist movements. France lost the Alsace-Lorraine to Germany which had a lot of natural resources in the Franco-Prussian war and were now eager to take it back. In Sebria and Austria-Hungary lived large areas of differing nationalist groups, all enthusiastic to become free from the states in which they lived. Franz Ferdinand can be said to be the reason that WWI happened. An archduke, he was the heir to the Austro-Hungarian empire. Ferdinand, with his wife, decided to make an inspection of troops in the capital of Bosnia. While there, a Sebrian terrorist group of seven, The Black Hand, was going to try to assassinate him. The first two assassins were unable to kill him, but the third was able to throw a grenade that landed under the car in which they were traveling in. Although it did not injure him or his wife, Sophie, it did harm some of his attendants. After this point, no one knows for sure what happens. Some say he went

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