What Game Are You Playing At Here?

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What game are you playing at here? My girl, are you insulting me, or are you insulting my ancestors? - Baba, why is your muti not working? - Did you do exactly as I told you? Yes! I burnt the muti over her dress. Then I don 't know why it didn 't work. - What? - Did you see her try it on? - No, she was in her room. - That 's the problem. - Did I have to see her wearing it? - Make sure she wears it. Otherwise this is all just a dream. Alright. Tonight I 'll make sure she wears it. Good. You do exactly that. You know, Nkosinathi... you 're a very good child. Thank you for putting up with me. Today we 're leaving. We 'll find a new and beautiful home. Are you ready to go to school and make friends? Mommy needs to go back to …show more content…

- What are you doing? If you don 't want it, I 'll take it. That crazy woman wants us to be matchy-matchy tonight. You two are crazy. Do you want to look like preschool twins in matching outfits? You know, I feel sorry for Nkunzi. The poor man thinks he has two wives, but he has two loonies. Come on, MaMlambo. The poor woman will be hurt. Just tell her... you appreciate her kindness, but... you 'll never wear the dress. Just be honest with her. - What if she wants it back? - You 'll tell her someone else loved it. And tell her I said her style is top class. - But you don 't even like her. - So just because you don 't like someone... you shouldn 't like something they buy? Does it have her face on it? I 've never heard of someone wearing something bought by someone they don 't like. My friend, you clearly know nothing. You don 't know about blessers. How are you? I 'm alright. I 'm sorry about the dress. You know that sometimes... people can buy us things that we don 't like, right? I liked the idea of... playing a trick on Nkunzi, but... that wasn 't my colour. I didn 't like it. Oh. Why didn 't you tell me? I didn 't want to hurt your feelings, then. So it’s better to do it now, MaNgcobo? No. I really appreciate all your efforts... to be civil with me, and wanting us to be friends. So, I didn 't want to lie to you. I wanted to be honest because we live under the same roof. I never thought this dress thing would be such a huge issue.

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