What I Can Bring To The Staff Team Is Maturity, Loyalty,

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What I can bring to the staff team is maturity, loyalty, knowledge, respect, and courage. I am very mature when it comes to handling hackers and dealing with in-patient or aggressive players. I know how to keep cool and that there is no reason to aggravate myself or the player any more. I also know when to have fun and when to be serious {My definition of maturity}. What I mean when I say loyalty is player respect and staff respect. I wont argue with people or players as I will only debate about my opinion. If I feel the need to argue then you will ALWAYS hear an apology from me afterward if I felt that I was to harsh. What I mean by knowledge is that I am talking about server knowledge {Rules, Websites, Donations, Staff, Commands, etc} …show more content…

Familiarity: One of my main features is familiarity, or experience, with managing servers and plugins. I am also very apt to things that I need to learn. I can easily know and memorize the punishment list, and types of punishments, needed to manage the server without having to reference a guide. This allows me to efficiently punish rule breakers in a timely manner. Having the ability to memorize the punishment list will also allow for less false punishments, as I will know the punishment by heart and won’t question how long it is, or when to punish. One of my huge skills is CoreProtect. I’ve worked with this plugins on servers for around a year, and I could be considered an expert at it. As an example, on OxPvP, whenever a staff member needed assistance rolling back, they would come to me for the command to do so. I also helped teach staff members how to use the plugin correctly and efficiently. Another one of my experiences while staff is the banning plugin that HCGames uses (LiteBans). Most of the past servers that I have worked with used LiteBans. I have a lot of experience using this plugin in punishing and managing players. I also have the knowledge in screensharing players and suspected rule breakers. For example, on OxPvP I’ve caught many rule breakers through screensharing them, and have a good knowledge of how to find clients hidden on players computers.

Communication: I

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