What I Know, Assume, Or Imagine? Essay

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What I know, assume, or imagine: To me, I never heard of bilingual education even though I come from a city that has many Spanish-speaking, Hmong-speaking and Cambodia-speaking students. For me, I assume bilingual education was about teaching students who speak English as their secondary language to speak and learn the English language. It was a program that I thought was to help students to be better at writing, speaking and know the proper grammars to help them success in their classroom. I imagine that the classrooms have a teacher aide who would speak in the majority language to help with their English language skills. For example, if the class have majority Hmong then the teacher aide would be a person who speak Hmong. The teacher aide would be the one to called the students who do not speak English as their first language to the back table and work with them on their English by reading in their first language and then reading in English. To me, I thought as it extra practice on the English language. To me, I never knew that bilingual education exists. I did not get but in a bilingual education but the class I was in, did have a teacher aide and she would spend about one hour or two hours with us and it would just be reading and nothing else. I feel like I was special to be able to talk in my language and with other classmates that speak the same language as me. I do not know if this count as bilingual education because no one told me anything about it. Then all

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