What I Learned In My Academic Integrity

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The past year has been quite a journey and I have learned and matured greatly over this time. I understand how big of a mistake I made, and I have thought on numerous occasions of how I would keep something like this from happening again if I was once again a student at the University of Alabama. I gained much insight from this event as I now live my life in a different manner and hold myself to higher ethical standards. I plan to live out these standards both inside and outside of the classroom, as I believe academic integrity carries over to more than just school. I hold myself personally accountable for every action that I take, and after everything has happened I know how to conduct myself even when no one is watching. My character has changed over the year and I carry out all of my actions in an honest manner regardless of the situation and these actions will also been shown in an academic setting. I believe honesty is key when following the academic code of conduct and I will be honest in all instances, which includes during the completion of any school work. I have learned that it is better to be honest when doing anything and I am also able to own up to any…show more content…
I know that I have broken the trust of the university but I am hoping for a chance to regain and maintain this trust, because I know that I will never again have a lapse of judgment and make a mistake of this kind ever again. I know that if I am completely honest I am in a better situation than if I was dishonest as I was in the past. Graduating is the greatest goal that I have in my life at this point and I realize that I will not be able to do so unless academic integrity is shown for the remainder of my school days and I know that this will be a lesson that always affects
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