What I Thought Was The Most Helpful When Reading The Introduction

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What I thought was the most helpful when reading the introduction of the text, was that it touched on the areas of criticism I have shared on the Bible. I have always criticized the source. I can believe in anything as long as I have solid sources in which can be proved scientifically. Maybe this is due to the fact that we now live in a time where we can’t believe everything we hear or see so it has become the normal to be skeptical and check our sources. Archaeology is a science I will support when establishing the historical evidence to reinforce the sources behind the Bible. Even though the text mentions there are “Discrepancies between the archeological record and the biblical narrative,” (p. 11) Harvey Cox did express that much of …show more content…

(p. 13) These types of considerations and interpretations also take place when we experience art.

'Aspects of Near Eastern Religion ' (Chp. 1)

After reading about Atrahasis, Enuma Elish and The Epic of Gilgamesh, it makes sense to me that these were not literatures that were used as religious material. The myths or stories were used to explain the creation of the world and life. (p. 21) I understand the story about Atrahasis, however it sounds strangely close to the story from the Bible that I know as, Noah’s Ark. The gods had created the flood in order to act as a population control. It was Enki who suggested that Atrahases to build a boat that would survive such a catastrophic flood. The difference between Atrahases and Noah, is that only family and live stock were on board instead of what I know of Noah having a male and a female of every species. The story of Atrahases does seem more believable than Noah’s epic story about the ark and animals. The gods were about to come to a compromise despite their different beliefs about how to create population control. “Some women would be barren, some children would die at birth and some categories of priestesses would not bear children at all. “(p. 21)
The story of Enuma Elish is about the creation of life and how gods constructed Babylon. This story also sounds very similar to the creation of life in the book of Genesis. The story about Tiamat may also have been created to show that all human beings need to have a

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