Jacob Van Ruisdael

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Artists tend to craft their skill to the norms around them. Whether it is a similar theme, style, or social issue artists attempt to address, art interconnects. Three artists Jacob van Ruisdael, Claude Monet, and Paul Signac draft analogous images but with different techniques and styles. Although the three artists show the relationship of human interaction in nature by incorporating buildings, the composition and spatial arrangement of objects differ. The styles in the three paintings reveal drastic differences as Ruisdael’s realistic depiction in Bleaching Grounds Near Haarlem doesn’t compare to the dotted and blurry landscapes of both Monet’s Valle Buona and Signac’s pointillism in Comblat-le Chateau. Both artists as they both hint sense…show more content…
In each of the three paintings, a manmade structure is present. Nature is seen to be dominant in the paintings as the artists portray the landscape to be the central idea to analyze. The scenery gives a sense about what the artists sees during their depiction of the locations. Their artwork allows the audience to view the setting through the eyes of the artists. Objects that are man made are towered and engulfed by the geography and setting of the scene. For instance it is ambiguous whether Signac has his focal point on the house or the two trees in the yard. As the audience views the painting, it is difficult to consider if the naturalistic features are the key figures to observe. Regardless, the two trees in the paintings are closer to the viewer with their placement in the foreground. This leads them to tower over the chateau and emphasize the outweighing role nature has with people and the creations. Likewise, Ruisdael highlights nature with the overbearing presence of the sky. In the Bleaching Grounds of Haarlem Ruisdael utilized composition to magnify the sky and draw attention to it. The extravagant clouds are massive in comparison to the church, which appears to be the largest edifice. The environment plays a larger role in the paintings Similar, Monet’s depiction of the forest is seen to be swallowing the house. As the vert engulfs the house, the structure is miniscule in…show more content…
The techniques Monet and Signac use leads the audience to have a difficult time relating to their work as their craftsmanship stylizes the natural world and displaces true reality. This can be seen when comparing the clouds in Ruisdael’s and Monet’s work. In Ruisdael c One of the differences between the paintings are the brushwork and techniques used.
In conclusion, art has a tendency to relate to other works. Although the three paintings share a common idea of natures powering presence over humans and their works, they do so in different styles and compositions. Regardless, art can speak in meaningful ways and can impact the way patrons of art view and relate to the
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