What I Want Staff?

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IGN(In Game Name): occ (old Ign will2135)

Date of Application: 8/23/2015

Age: 15

Country: Us / il

Time Zone: Cdt

InGame ranks (Mine rank and Donation Rank,only if you have one): I am Drought and, about 1 year ago I played cyclone I was Z and Z was the best rank.

1. Why do you want to be staff?:
1. I want staff because I want to be able to help all the other players have a very fun time on this server because I really enjoy it. I think that the staff makes or breaks the server. If there is bad staff, the server is probably bad. If there is good staff (as on this server) then the server is obviously good. I really enjoy playing on all servers on cyclone. I would like to spend a lot more time on the server and would really appreciate staff because I would be on a lot more than I am now. As I stated before, I will not abuse my power and will focus my whole attention on making the server better for all the other players. I would appreciate staff because I am very active on the server and have been told by many people that I am nice in game and answer questions thoughtfully.
2. I 'm a very trustworthy person and I feel as if players will feel as I am approachable for discussion or question. I am very fluent with all moderating commands such as ban, kick and mute, and I can provide players with a safe playing environment on the server. I focus on maintaining the peace, assisting players in taking their ideas and putting them forth as well as keeping everyone active and

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