What Is A Big Family Essay

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I have a big family in China, and our family are really complex. Some of the family in China has less family members. And some wealthy family are really huge. People will proud of their family if they have a big family. My origin is from Karamay, Xinjiang.And that’s a small city. I have many funny stories, and it’s about me and my brother and my parents.
My origin is from Urumqi, Xinjiang. That’s a really big state there, but the population there are very small. There are many mountains on the border, most of them are high, full of snow and glacier. Every visitor said they really like the food there. There are many kinds of food in Xinjiang, and they are really tasty, naan, mixing noodles, baked samosa, Saute Spicy Chicken. I like these food and they have good reputation, people from China all want to go to Xinjiang to try the food there. We don’t have any famous amusement park there. But we have many fun when we go to the desert, we
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My grandfather, my mom‘s father, is from Jingxi. After he came to Karamay Xinjiang, he works there for more than fifty years. My mom’s mom origin is from Gansu, and that’s in west of China. And after she became an adult, she went to Karamay Xinjiang, she decided to live there. My grandparents are old workers, and their daughter, my mom, had a good education since she born in that family, my grandmother is a traditional housewife, she always over strict to my mom, she never let my mom to join any activities with any boys. My grandfather only know study, once my mom can not concentrated on her studies, he will yell out my mom, until she cry. On the contrary, my dad was born in a countryside, and he doesn’t like learning at all. Once he was stay in a classroom, and his teacher told them to take note. And that teacher turn round and face to the board, and at that time my dad was leave the classroom quietly and teacher didn’t realized that at all. And I have many funny stories about my
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