What Is A Blended Family

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Self-care children- children who regularly look after themselves during afterschool hours.

Blended family-parent, step parent, and children form a new family structure.

Coregulation-a form of supervision in which parents exercise general oversight while permitting children to be in charge of moment by moment decision making.

Autonomy-a sense of oneself as a separate, self-governing individual.

Permissive Child Rearing Style-warm and excepting, rather than being involved, however, permissive parents are either overindulgent or inattentive.

Psychological control-behaviors that intrude on and manipulate children’s verbal expressions, individuality, and attachment to parents.

Uninvolved child rearing style-combines low acceptance and involvement with the little control and general indifference to issues of autonomy. …show more content…

And I always believed that blended families were helpful on all levels, but once a child suffers through a divorce it’s always detrimental to some extent even if their blended family is really

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