What Is A Nonrenewable Energy Source Of Energy?

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Coal; a nonrenewable energy source that happens to be the most used source of energy in the U.S. Coal comes from the remains of prehistoric plants after they have decayed into the ground and are transformed into coal. The access of affordable energy will be the number one priority for our economy, and that has seemed to be coal. Coal has such a large beneficial impact on our economy, from mining to producing energy the coal industry creates millions of jobs and generates millions of dollars for our economy. Coal does have some negative impacts on our environment but there are steps being taken to lessen the impacts. Other forms of energy also have negative impacts on the environment but do not benefit our economy in the same amount as coal. If harsher environmental regulations are put on coal then you will be making it more difficult to create new ways of making coal cleaner, and negatively affecting our economy. Our nation thrives on the sustainability of our economy, and our economy is sustained by industries like coal that produce millions of dollars for it. According to the Statistic Portal, the coal industry produced 41 billion dollars for our economy between 2009 and 2014 ( . Without that income coming into our economy it would suffer tremendously. Moreover another support our economy comes from being able to produce abundant energy for cheap which we have been doing with coal for many years. Coal is produced very cheap and provides an
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