What Is A Part Time Job Essay

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I did not get my first real job until the end of my junior year of high school. Before that, I had babysat and cleaned house for a few family members and some of my parents friends. I babysat for my aunt Stephanie, my cousins friend Krystal, and my own parents. I never got paid much but at the time it was enough. When I got my license and my first car, I started needing more money than I was getting. My grandpa Clete asked if I would clean his house for him. He said that he would give me $100, and that he would pay me biweekly. It was a great way for me to make money, and I only had to clean his house once or twice a week. It usually took me about two or three hours to do everything that he wanted me to do. Eventually, I started looking …show more content…

They usually want to make money to either support their families or to have their own spending money for leisure and personal activities. I personally need to make money to pay for my own things. I pay my phone bill and my car insurance, and the rest of my money is spending money for whatever I want. I am starting to work on saving my money now. Imagine how much money a teenager would have for college if they saved all of their money from their part time job (hypothetical). Obviously, most of us do not make very much. Saving money adds up really quickly sometimes, depending on how much you work. Saving money is a really important skill to develop during high school. If you learn to save your money early, then you will hopefully be more likely to save your money during your college and adult years. It also teaches kids how to budget. If they have stuff that they need to pay for, like bills, then they should avoid spending that money. Also, they would be less likely to spend their own money erratically, because they actually had to work for it. It is nothing like getting money handed to you from your parents. Having a job teaches time management. You have to be on time for your job or you can get in trouble with your boss. You also have to make time for more important work that may not be fun, like your school work. You should have your priorities in check; you could end up failing at something that is actually

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