The Challenges Of Obstacles To My Success In College

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Throughout college, there will always be obstacles that a student will face. Though some students make it through the semester without much trouble, I am not one of those students. It’s not always easy to get through the semester smoothly when you constantly have responsibilities to take care of. I get extremely stressed knowing that I have a big paper due or a math quiz that I need to do well on. If I have various assignments due at the same time, I usually tend to get overwhelmed. I deal with different obstacles on a day to day basis that can impede my success as a college student. Obstacles to my success this semester are poor time management, procrastination, and technological distractions.
Poor time management affects every area of a person’s life, especially a college student. Time management has always been very challenging for me. Setting aside time to study can be tough when I have a busy schedule. Most nights, my schedule consists of doing laundry, washing dishes, and completing other simple house duties. I try to sit down and focus on homework but those chores that need to be done are in the back of my mind. I have two dogs that are also quite the responsibility. One major responsibility with my dogs is having to take them outside. I live in an apartment, so I have to walk them down stairs instead of being able to just let them out the back door. Another problem is that I work until nine on some nights, so when I finally get home from work, I am too tired to

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