What Is A Reflection Of What I Learned In Class

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A Reflection of What I Learned in Class ENGL 1143, is a technical writing course that enlightened me on how to create technical documents such as cross-cultural business letter, letter on inquiry, professional memo, graphics creation and analysis, finding general web sources, conducting research in library database, individual recommendation reports, group proposal and group presentation professionally. I would consider my learning in the class a successful one because, I met the required goals of the course including communicating effectively, using correct APA format and citation, conducting detailed research. Above all I was able to work effectively both individually and collaboratively which helped in the successful execution of my group proposal paper and presentation. In “Cross Cultural Communication,” a task was given to address a letter to a Japanese supervisor. To effectively write the letter I had to know the professional etiquettes used by the Japanese to aid a business transaction with them. In my pursuit of the information I needed, I discovered it is considered rude to address a Japanese by the first name in writing a business letter, they also appreciate it when you ask about their wellbeing and make reference to the weather or current situations in Japanese such as “How is your family, I hope they are all fine and I am sure you are having a good time during this year’s cherry blossom season” (Adetayo, “Business
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