What Is Business Management? Essay

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Defining the Discipline
What is Business Management? Studying for a business and management studies degree allows us to develop a broad understanding of business organizations and provides us with subject-specific knowledge in areas such as marketing, customers, finance, operations, communication, information technology, business policies and strategies.
What Jobs can you receive with a degree in Business Management?
The business field has many choices because there are different types of businesses to go into since business is open to so many choices, they can go for a big box store in retail or work for a billion-dollar company. Once schooling is complete here are some jobs with the salaries. Now, to get a little closer to home the hiring jobs would be like: Home Depot, Lowe’s the Home Improvement Store, Westlake Ace Hardware, Kelly Moore Paint, Sherwin Williams, Wells Fargo, Sonora Bank, and Johnson & Johnson. Since the chart shows this information it will be more of an insight on what a business management degree can do. With these jobs, he/she will be able to run the day to day operations and oversee the process on how the company is doing. When seeing there will be a cut and dry on the reports to present to the fellow managers and employees on the job.

Writing for Business Management Academically
The Difference between High School and College writing Wow, since being out of high school there has been a huge difference in writing for college. In high school, the

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