What Is Corporate Social Responsibility?

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Corporate Social Responsibility Corporate Social Responsibility is described in regards to the Japanese's Internet market, Yahoo Japan Corporation (the Company) along with its consolidated subsidiaries and affiliates (the Yahoo Japan Group) to involve a full commitment on their part to the realization of an Internet environment that is characterized by safety, security and harmonious "with the expectations and needs of society." P38) I. Safety and Security Characteristics Ensuring safety and security specifically involves the following: (1) The Yahoo Kids site makes provision of an Internet environment that is safe for children and accessible through PCS, smartphones as well as other mobile devices and iPhone applications; (2) Has been a member of the Internet Hotline Center's Guideline Formulation Committee since the center was established; (3) Many benefits are offered by Yahoo mail which is inclusive of a sorting function that removes spam emails that are unsolicited and one that rejects spoofing emails; (4) Stated fourth is that the latest technologies are implemented regularly in addition to a log-in alert service contacting users via email, as well as disclosure of log-in records, log-in seal service to prevent phishing fraud, and a Tool Bar warning function to minimize phishing fraud; (5) Intellectual property rights owners and related advocacy groups in addition to governmental authorities established the Council for Intellectual Property Protection on
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