What Is Egoism?

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Egoism is based on psychological egoism which maximizes self-interest of individuals and focus on personal advantage. A action will always bring a net benefit or benefit you the most is the morally right action, you might choose or made a decision an action that will bring the most benefit oneself. Self-interest and selfishness is different meaning, self-interest is choosing an option that would bring the net benefit to the decision-maker at the end of result while selfishness is lack of concern others feeling and fairness. For example, I playing with toy at this time my friend told me can lend him play for a while. Now, here has a question, should I give up the toy and borrow him? If I don’t borrow our friendship will be broke. In egoism theory, I should share …show more content…

Deontologists is more focus on duty, rule, obligation, not on the result of action but on its principle. Whether an action is right or wrong is based on duty and the rules help human begin to distinguish right and wrong, phases: “one man action is another man right”. Deontologists is looked into the act itself, an action is right or wrong is depend on the act itself. We have duties regarding our own actions no matter what, be a responsible person. We are strong enough to handle all the consequence that we performed, think properly before act an action. Let’s look back the doctor case, in this time doctor should not kill the patient who is brain-dead because his duty is saving patient life not killing anyone, there is a rule mention that do not murder. The doctor doesn’t have any right taking away someone else life, especially he was a doctor. Everyone knew doctor is a professional job to treat patient not murder patient. We can’t break the rule and follow the rule tell us what to do. This theory is straight forward mention what is right and

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