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Elie Laurena
Professor Valovcin
Composition and Literature
22 October 2017
My Road Traveled The poem "I, Too" by Langston Hughes is a great example of a writing using the word "I" as something other than its literal meaning. "I, Too" is about the segregation of African Americans by whites at the time and that it will soon come to an end. The poem to me is the view of African Americans at the time and their never ending perseverance to adapt.
The first words of "I, Too" uses the word "I" right away. The sentence "I, too, sing America" is as important as the entire poem. It signifies that African Americans are American citizens and will continue to be so and deserve the same rights as white Americans. The next stanza,
I am the darker brother …show more content…

We as a nation are to be ashamed for not realizing that ahead of time and choose the wrong way of doing things.. Langston Hughes is a talented poet and his uses of metaphors in this poem gives you the generality of the current era and make you picture that you were there in that era from the eyes of a black man’s perspective of the United States. His use of "I" helps reinforce that he is an American and we continue to hope for a better tomorrow for his people. In Lorrain Devon Wilke “No,white people Will Never Understand The Black Experience” she …show more content…

In July 2016, around that time there were many legal cases of unarmed black man getting shot and riots broke in cities that were pre-dominantly black. The negligence of some of these neighborhoods were so disrespectful to the community that they think the only way to be heard is to riots. After so long the black man in America must still prove that he is to have a seat on the table, I’ve shared that sentiment the moment I realize what the words freedom, respect, racism, oppression means at the age of twelve. My ancestors fought for their freedom in the Haitian revolution and I knew what it was to have the freedom of not being looked at as a criminal by most, but that was cut short when I came to the United States. It’s not easy to look back at history because of all the bloodshed it took to truly bring the idea of freedom, many former Haitian slaves in the 19th century were inspired by the American revolution as a light that could

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