What Is It That Makes You Want You Become A Doctor?

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What is it that makes you want to become a doctor? If you ask any premed student what question they are asked most frequently, this is most likely going to be their answer. Although it may be a simple question, it does not always have a simple answer. It is not necessarily susceptible to being right or wrong, but rather based on one’s own opinion, gathered from their experiences. When I first embarked on this journey to become a physician, I felt as if I could never quite answer this question in such a way to give it the justice it deserves. That is to say, at that point in my life I knew that I had a strong passion for the field of science and medicine, but it was not always that way.In my freshman year of college, I lacked enthusiasm for the career fields I saw as my potential future. Confused, uninspired, and without direction, I entered community college with no certain end goal in mind. It was a terrifying feeling, knowing that the next few years may very well determine what it is that I would do for the rest of my life. After my sophomore year had ended, I spent time over the summer staying at a close friend’s home, whose father, a practicing emergency physician, became somewhat of a mentor to me. While perhaps unintentional on his part, and unknowing to me at the time, the conversations I had with Dr. X lead me to develop a curiosity for the medical field. It was in the pure and passionate way that he talked about why he chose to practice medicine, with a strong

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