What Is Kellogg Marketing

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Question 1:
Marketing is a big concept that is difficult to define or know the meaning of one side or a specific angle because of the company's reliance on it in many aspects and complex issue for successful company strategy. There are several and many different definitions and meaning of the concept market and one of that definition is marketing is including the management of the relationship of customers in a way that benefits the company and stakeholders, it is a section inside the company where they create communication and evaluate the value of customers.(American Marketing Association,2004). Marketing orientation is a concept that focuses on techniques, including the usual management of strategic design, which is to build a comfortable …show more content…

Market through the "marketing mix" which is: product, price, place, promotion. As part of the managing and balancing between strategy and the marketing mix, the Kellogg Company announced that while creating a balance between strategy and marketing mix, the company has developed a unique brand that has helped to raise sales and service levels. The Kellogg company managed the marketing mix through 4P's and the product was the First, the Kellogg chose the product of breakfast cereals with high and light characteristics, which were studied extensively, as well as the researchers conducted by the company in order to know the best product for the customers. Second, is the price, The Kellogg prices the product according to the market conditions and also sets flexible prices in order to compete and obtain the competitive advantage which depending on the growth of sales, however, Kellogg most of the time put discounts and vouchers to win the satisfaction of the customer and success in the market. Third, place, where the Kellogg sells its products through the force of direct sales for resale by the grocery stores and also used the system of intermediary and distributor of certain products and the system of delivery of direct stores such as super brand and distribution through electronic commerce. Kellogg focuses on the emerging market, which contributes to making the company's products available to all customers. Fourth, the promotion, Kellogg built a large brand and used promotional strategies to increase the share of sales, where it sponsored some of the concerts and events under the publication of the brand such as gymnastics and a series of children

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